Customizing the Whiteboard Canvas

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Background menu options

Use the background menu to change the canvas background.

  1. Click the background menu icon.
  2. Select a background from the following sources:

    Website Upload Off.png
    FollowMe AI setting
    Displays custom images uploaded in the cloud storage account.
    Color Palette
    Sets a solid color as the background.
    BuiltIn BG Off.png
    Displays backgrounds that come pre-installed with myViewBoard.
    LocalAdd BG Off.png
    Local hard drive
    Use images uploaded from the user's hard drive.
    AddBackground Off.png
    Upload Image
    Upload images from the local hard drive to myViewBoard.

  3. After selection, specify if the background is only applied to the current page, or to all pages.
  4. (Optional) To display an overlay over the canvas, click one of the options below:
    Grid Off.png
    Displays a grid over the canvas. The color of the grid changes depending on the background color.
    Watermark Off.png
    Displays a 'confidential' watermark. The watermark may not be visible on certain background colors.
    DateTime Off.png
    Date Time
    Displays the current date and time on the upper side of the canvas. Click to open a floating calendar.