Customizing the Whiteboard Canvas

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Background menu options

The background can be changed via several methods, including importing images from local and cloud storage, and using myViewBoard custom backgrounds.

The background management iconI-background-menu.svg is located in the bottom left of the screen.

myViewBoard also provides free content for educators to use, accessible from the background management pop-out window. Original Content is regularly updated and is also accessible from this page on the wiki.

FollowMe Setting
Displays custom images uploaded in the cloud storage account.
Color Palette
Sets a solid or gradient color as the background.
Displays backgrounds that come pre-installed with Whiteboard.
Icon originals.svg
myViewBoard Originals
Displays original backgrounds created by myViewBoard.
Local hard drive
Use images from the user's hard drive.
Select Image
Select images from the local hard drive to use as background.
It is recommended that selected images match your screen's resolution.

There are also the following options for overlays to the background (can be applied in addition to backgrounds):

Displays a grid over the canvas. The color of the grid changes depending on the background color.
Displays a 'confidential' watermark. The watermark may not be visible on certain background colors.
Date Time
Displays the current date and time in the top right of the canvas.
Click the icon to show or hide the date and time.


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