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Teachers can use Classroom to host an online class. This page serves as a quick guide to teachers and summarizes activities that teachers can use to deliver their lessons.

Prepare your lessons

Load a local PDF into the canvas
If your lessons are already in PDF format, you can load a local PDF to show to your students.


Import images from Google Drive
Save your materials as images, graphs and infographics into Google Drive and pull them in to create your lesson.


Use myViewBoard Original Content Backgrounds
To save time, you can download from myViewBoard's library of Original Content.

Manage your session


Record your session
Teachers can record the class to share with students who missed the session, or if students need to review the lesson at a later time.


One-way video conference
Teachers broadcast a direct live-stream using the webcam on their device, which students can view when they join the Classroom.


Share a previous lesson
Teachers can also record lessons in advance. Afterwards, they can upload these recordings to the cloud and share the links with their students.

Get your students on board


Import your students from Google Classroom
Bind your session with a Google Classroom account to automatically populate your student list.


Share the Classroom to students
Teachers can share their Classroom sessions via a URL link, QR code or session ID.


Access Classroom anywhere
Students can access the Classroom on both desktop and mobile, or any place where there's a good internet connection.

Interact with your students


Raise hand
Students use the Raise Hand feature to inform the teacher when they need to ask questions or participate in discussions.


Annotate the canvas
Students can draw squiggles using the pen, insert drawings using the AI pen, and add shapes using the shape tool.


Group students into huddles
Assign students into huddles for group activities. Each huddle is given their own canvas to use.