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| style="text-align:center;"|'''[[Magic_Box|Magic Box]]'''
| style="text-align:center;"|'''[[Magic_Box|Magic Box]]'''
|Insert [[myViewBoard Clips]], approved web images, YouTube videos, widgets, sticky notes and more.
|Insert [[myViewBoard Clips]], approved [[Magic_Box/Image_Search|web images]], [[Magic_Box/YouTube|YouTube videos]], [[Magic_Box/Online_Widgets|widgets]], [[Magic_Box/Sticky_Notes|sticky notes]] and more.
| style="text-align:center;"|'''[[Selection|Select tool]]'''
| style="text-align:center;"|'''[[Selection|Select tool]]'''
|Select pen, text, and media objects on the canvas, and edit with the [[Adorning_Menu|adorning menu]].
|Select [[pen]], [[Text/Handwriting|text]], and [[Magic_Box|media objects]] on the canvas, and edit with the [[Adorning_Menu|adorning menu]].

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Teachers can use Classroom to host an online class. This page serves as a quick start guide for teachers, if you are a student see Classroom for Students, and for an in-depth look see Classroom.

View a printer-friendly summary of all toolbar icons for Classroom here.

Create engaging lessons

Main toolbar icons:

Icon Option Description
I-file-management-folder.svg File management Create a new lesson, open an existing file, export the current lesson, and share via QR code with the Classroom File Management icon in the main toolbar.
I-main-tool-bar-magic-box.svg Magic Box Insert myViewBoard Clips, approved web images, YouTube videos, widgets, sticky notes and more.
I-main-toolbar-selection-tool.svg Select tool Select pen, text, and media objects on the canvas, and edit with the adorning menu.
I-main-toolbar-pen.svg Pen Draw on the whiteboard. Click on the pen icon twice to view more options
I-eraser-menu-eraser.svg Eraser Erase objects and pen strokes - click twice for more options.
SVG ShapeLine Off.svg Shapes Insert shapes onto the canvas, click twice for more options.
I-text-editor-T.svg Text Click on the canvas to place text box, and edit text attributes with the adorning menu.

See the brief tutorial videos below:


Create, save, open, export and share files


Use Magic Box to add interactivity


Pen, eraser, shapes, and text tools


Change page background and add myViewBoard Original Content

Use existing lesson materials in Classroom

If you have existing lesson materials such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, PDF, or image files, you can use them in Classroom sessions. PDF, PowerPoint, and Slides files with multiple pages/slides will be inserted onto separate Classroom session pages. Access local and cloud storage via MagicBox I-main-tool-bar-magic-box.svg.


Import existing lesson materials

Lesson ideas

  • Prime the class with myViewBoard Clips Icon Clips.svg and YouTube
  • Import your existing PowerPoint and Slides, and allow students to annotate pages with their ideas and answers
  • Use huddles Edu-huddle.svg for group work, and bring attention back to the lesson with Eyes On Me VC-eyesOnMe.svg
  • Use Original Content Icon originals.svg backgrounds for games and tasks

Invite students

  • Each Classroom session has a unique ID. You can also set a session password - do this in FollowMe settings.
  • The Classroom session can be shared as a web address directly, or by QR code.
  • Classroom can also connect with Google Classroom, allowing the student list to be transferred directly into the myViewBoard Classroom session. It also allows lesson materials to be posted directly to Google Classroom.


Invite students by URL, QR Code, and session ID


Import students from Google Classroom

Manage students

Click the Huddle Edu-huddle.svg icon in the main toolbar to access the following classroom management icons:

VC broadcast mode gray.svg Teacher's view: When enabled, all students see the main canvas only.
VC huddle mode gray.svg Student's view: When enabled, students see only the canvas assigned to their huddle.
VC mute.svg Mute all: Cancels all 'Raise hand' requests and mutes everyone in the session.
VC pen off.svg Pen on: Enables everyone to interact with the canvas.
VC close.svg Minimize/Restore: Minimizes/Restores all huddle groups.
VC manage huddle.svg Active huddle view: Selects which huddle is active.
VC tab huddles s.svg Huddle menu: Displays the Huddle List and Huddle management icons.
Digit-two.svg Number of huddles: Sets the number of active huddles in the session.
VC tab people s.svg Students list: Shows a list view of all students in the session.

Use your webcam and microphone

  • Enable your webcam VC video on.svg and microphone VC video sound on.svg by clicking the icons in the bottom right of the screen.
  • The video preview window can be minimized and dragged to different positions.

Students can use their microphone to speak to the class

  • Students can use the raise hand icon on their device Raise hand.gif to let the teacher know they wish to speak. This appears on the teacher's student list as a flashing yellow box around the student's name.
  • The teacher can choose to allow the student to speak. Multiple students can speak at the same time, and they can temporarily mute their own devices when not needed.


Respond to student questions via audio with Raise Hand

Present your lesson

  • Classroom sessions open into 'Prepare' mode, where you have access to all tools to create a lesson.
  • Switch to 'Present' mode in the floating toolbar to interact with media. You can still draw on the canvas, navigate pages, and manage student interaction when in present mode.


Present your lesson and interact with media

  • You can also record your Classroom sessions. This includes audio and video, and can be saved locally or to cloud storage.


Record your lesson and save it to the cloud or local storage