Classroom Limitations

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This page will list the current limitations that users may encounter when using Classroom.

The myViewBoard team is aware of these limitations and is working to resolve them. If you notice an issue not listed here, please let us know via myViewBoard Support. This helps us to improve myViewBoard services.

General Limitations

1. On mobile devices, the session will terminate immediately if sent to the background, for example by switching apps.

  • For users currently in the session, they will be dropped.
  • The current session automatically ends for the host.

2. Importing files to Classroom sometimes has formatting issues. Here are known issues:

  • Tables with cell spacing
  • Page colors and page borders
  • Images/Fonts: effects, spacing, position
  • Audio, video, PDF active elements
  • PPT: effects and animation
  • PDF: bookmarks, tags, comments


  • Chrome: underlined text sometimes does not display properly.


  • iPad Device: When a teacher plays both a YouTube clip and a video call, students using iPads may only see the YouTube clip.
  • iPad and Android tablets: The screen record feature is not supported on Android tablets and iPads.