Whiteboard for iOS Release History

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Whiteboard for iOS
Release History

NEW v2.6.13 August 29, 2022

New Features

  • OLF support: OLF is now supported on all myViewBoard platforms: Whiteboard for iOS, Whiteboard for Android, Whiteboard for Windows, Whiteboard Online, and Classroom.
  • Send objects, such as images, to the Whiteboard app via the in-built iOS/macOS share function.

Improvements, Modifications & Bug Fixes

  • Whiteboard enrollment as entity instance:
    • Instance activation process is now removed.
    • IT Admin only can use the Companion app to scan a QR code to complete a Whiteboard enrollment form, adding this instance to Software Instances (which you can view after signing into myviewboard.com > Entity Management).
    • Any entity user can use their entity account credentials to enroll the Whiteboard.
  • PDF, OLF, IWB, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Google Jamboard can now be imported as background images.
  • New tooltips are available for most features within sub-menus.
  • A notification appears to inform the user that their default cloud storage is disabled if the user attempts to share the canvas session with a QR code.
  • After locking objects, the object can now be selected.
  • AI Pen UI has been revamped.
  • 30 new fonts have been added.
  • An error message displays when an embedded URL on an object is invalid.
  • Images uploaded to FollowMe and accessed within the Whiteboard Magic Line Pen will show as squares even if the original image is not a square.
  • A new prompt appears after changing background to confirm the user wants to apply this background to the current page, all pages, or none.
  • Improvements to behavior of the following features: Share files, text editors, sticky notes, adorning menus, and images.

v2.5.5 July 2022

New Features

  • [Host-only] A PDF sent from the Companion app will open fit to the width of the canvas.
  • Custom shape tool support has been added within the shapes menu.
  • New fonts support: Bangers, Caveat, Caveat Brush, and B Garamond.
  • 3 new line types added: curved line, curved line with single arrow endpoint, and curved line with double arrow endpoints.


  • The Whiteboard logo has been updated.

June 2022

New Features

  • Google Slide file type can be imported into Whiteboard for iOS.
  • Tooltips on the Floating Toolbar and Main Toolbar are visible on mouse hover-over.
  • The host can share the canvas session via a QR code.
  • The host can drag the session QR code and hostname onto the canvas.
  • Favorites folder is now accessible from the Backgrounds menu.