Whiteboard for Windows Working Area

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Whiteboard for Windows working area is divided into the following areas:

Canvas area

Main area where users work in. By default, the background of the canvas area is blank. However, this can be customized via the following methods:

  • Click the Whiteboard background management menu I-background-menu.svg in the bottom left corner to select a solid color, or one of the predefined images as the background.
  • Sign in to your myViewBoard account to load your personal preferences, including any customizations applied to backgrounds, shape lines and magic pens.

Resize the canvas area by dragging the handle bar at the bottom right corner of the Whiteboard program.

More information: Customizing the Whiteboard Canvas

Floating toolbar

More information: Whiteboard for Windows Floating Toolbar

Toolbar that allows users to perform operations on the canvas. This toolbar can be moved freely around the canvas area.

Main toolbar

More information: Whiteboard Main Toolbar

Toolbar that allows users to add annotations to the canvas area. This toolbar is always fixed to the right, left or bottom side of the program window.

Title bar

More information: Title bar

A toolbar that appears at the topmost section of the Whiteboard program. If logged in, this toolbar displays the user account currently logged in. It also provides access to the following options: