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Main Toolbar
CaptureScreen On.png
Screen capture
Displays options for capturing the contents of the canvas.
MenuBarMove On.png
Move toolbar
Click and drag to move toolbar to the side of the screen.
File On.png
Displays options for opening, saving, and exporting files.
Resource On.png
Magic box
Displays various tools that you can insert into the canvas.
Roaming on.png
Infinite canvas
Move the canvas, zoom in/out, and open the infinite canvas overview.
Selector On.png
Selects objects, text and pictures.
Pen On.png
Draws freehand lines and squiggles. Click again to open pen options.
Eraser On.png
Erases objects, based on the last mode selected. Click again to display eraser options.
ShapeLine On.png
Draws lines and shapes with different styles. Click again to display shape options.
Text On.png
Creates a textbox. Click again to switch to handwriting recognition.
Undo On.png
Reverses the previous action
Redo On.png
Reverses the previous undo action.
Page On.png
Creates, selects, sorts, and deletes pages.
Floating Toolbar
Move Floating toolbar
Drag to move the Floating Toolbar around the canvas.
Presentation Mode
Switches the canvas to fullscreen mode.
Paste from clipboard
Inserts the current clipboard content onto the canvas.
Embed browser
Opens the built-in browser to access internet resources, which can be dragged onto the canvas.
NextPage 02.png
Previous Page
If the canvas contains multiple pages, displays the previous page.
NextPage 01.png
Next Page
If the canvas contains multiple pages, displays the next page.
New Page
Adds a new page to the canvas.
Canvas Tools
LBBtn On.png
Background Management
Opens options to change the canvas background.
Login-MVB On.png
Sign in/Out
Click to sign in to your myViewBoard account.


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