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The Throw feature allows others to send images or videos from their device to a myViewBoard session.


Participants can only throw to active sessions running on myViewBoard for Windows. Before asking participants to throw, prepare the 'target' session first:

  1. Launch the myViewBoard for Windows program.
  2. Sign in using a myViewBoard account.
  3. Enable casting. On the main toolbar, click the Cast icon to open the Cast toolbar:
    • If disabled, the cast icon is red and the myViewBoard name is empty. Click the red cast icon to enable.
    • If enabled, the cast icon is green and the myViewBoard name is displayed.
  4. Provide the myViewBoard Name to the participants.

For more information on casting, see Wireless Presentation.

Throwing to a myViewBoard Session

Participants must perform the following steps to throw:

  1. Go to
    Users are not required to sign in to access the feature.
  2. Click the Throw to myViewBoard icon.
  3. Provide the following information:
    • Participant's name
    • myViewBoard host name
  4. Select an image or video from their device.
  5. Click Throw.

If myViewBoard participants are currently signed in to the myViewBoard website, their Board Name will be used.

Viewing Thrown Content

After the participants finish throwing, the myViewBoard host performs the following:

  1. Click the notification bell in the top right of the screen to view the number of successful throws. To access the "thrown" content:
    • Click on the paper airplane icon in the Magic Box.
    • Click one of the notifications. Once the Throw window is open, double click an image, or drag it onto the canvas.
  2. All objects received in a "throw" session are saved in a folder in the cloud. On the connected cloud storage account, go to the myViewBoard folder and locate the "Throw" folder.

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