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myViewBoard Record is a free screenrecording app for with Android devices. It can also be used to record [[Whiteboard for Android]] sessions.

Simply choose the desired video resolution and click/tap the tick icon to begin recording. After ending the recording, choose where to save the video. Videos are saved as MP4 files.

==Download Record==
myViewBoard Record is available from the [[File:Google-play-icon.svg|20px|link=]] [ Google Play store], or there is a direct download link for the APK file [ here] (download will start immediately). <br>
''If you are using a [ ViewSonic ViewBoard] or a [[MyViewBoard Box|myViewBoard Box]], you may already have Record preinstalled on your device.''

===System requirements===
* Android 5.0 or higher.
* At least 100 MB of free space.
* Grant permissions to record audio, access photos, media and files, and display over other apps.

''There is no limit on video recording length as long as the save location has enough free space.''

File:Record audio android.jpg|If prompted, allow myViewBoard Record the necessary permissions.
File:Access files android12312313.jpg|If prompted, allow myViewBoard Record the necessary permissions.

==Record screen==
<li> Open myViewBoard Record by tapping the [[File:Icon Recorder.svg|30px|link=]] icon from the homescreen.<br>
<li> Grant permissions for audio recording, file access, and display over other apps if opening for the first time.<br>
<li> Click the tick mark to begin recording. <br>[[File:Record first pop up screen.png|160px|Select resolution and tap the tick mark.]]<br>
<li> If prompted, click ''Start now'' to begin recording. <br>[[File:234523452345.png|160px]]<br>
<li> After the 3 second countdown, everything on the screen will be recording. A floating toolbar with a pause and stop button can be dragged around the screen.<br>
<li> Press stop to finish recording, and preview the video.<br>
<li> Press the save icon (bottom right) and choose a folder to save to (tap twice to open folders). Enter a file name and click the tick mark to confirm. <br>[[File:Record save as box.png|160px|open folders by tapping twice.]]<br>
<li> View your file using a file exporer or gallery app.

<gallery widths="440px" heights="320px">
MVB-SR-recording-options.png|Options in myViewBoard Record


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