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Magic Box/Pop Quiz

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The myViewBoard host must be signed in to a myViewBoard account to use this feature, and must also provide the myViewBoard Name of the session to be used. The Pop Quiz tool is always running in the background and can be initiated at any time.
As a prerequisite, the host must perform the following:
# Sign in to [[myViewBoard for Windows]].
# Launch the Pop Quiz feature from the [[Magic Box]].
# Write a question on the "Question Canvas" section.
Participants must perform the following steps to join a Pop Quiz:
 # The host provides a link to his myViewBoard public profileportal. <br/>On myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows, this is done by clicking the mvViewBoard name on the upper left corner of the title bar.
# Users open a browser and go to the public portal link.
# On the public portal page, click the Pop Quiz icon.
# Provide your Participant name.
# On the blank canvas provided, draw a response.
# Click the <i class="fab {{Icon Image|fa-telegramregular:paper-plane"></i> |font-size:20px;vertical-align: middle;|true}} throw icon.   Participants can also use the [[myViewBoard Companion App]] to join a pop quiz. 
To The host can view the responsesby performing the following:
# Open the Pop Quiz tool from the Magic Box.
# Reveal answers by clicking on a name. Names of participants may appear multiple times depending on how many times they have answered.
# Click the "UploadSave" circle with arrow icon at the bottom right of the quiz window to upload save all responses #* To save all responses to the a local folder, select an empty folder, and then click {{Icon Image|bx:bx-check-circle|font-size:20px;vertical-align: middle;|true}}.#* To upload to a connected Cloud storage account. This also initiates , click a new Pop Quiz sessionCloud storage account on the toolbar, select an empty folder, and then click {{Icon Image|bx:bx-check-circle|font-size:20px;vertical-align: middle;|true}}.
 <gallery heights="300px" widths="500px">Pop-quiz-question.mp4|It is recommended for the host to provide a question before asking for responses.PopQuiz_ShowallAnswers.mp4|Click the A icon to show in one click all your student's answers.PopQuiz-HideQuestionPannel.mp4|Click the question mark to hide/show the question panel.</gallery>  Questions and answers are saved as JPG image files. To access view these questions and responses at a later time: * On the local drive, on open the folder where the responses were saved.* On the connected Cloud storage account, go to the myViewBoard folder and locate the "Quiz" folder.
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<seo metak="myviewboard" ogtitle="Pop Quiz" ogimage="" ogdescr="Pop Quiz is tool of the Magic Box, which allows user to interact with the whiteboard using their phones." />
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