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The Shape Pen draws lines as a series of repeating shapes. There are several shapes to choose from, with sliders for size and opacity. To use as a "stamp", click on the canvas to have the pen image inserted once.

The shape pen comes with predefined shapes. Custom shapes can be uploaded using the web site.

Instead of a solid line, the shape pen leaves a line of images for its strokes.

Using the shape pen.


To access the Shape pen:

  • Click the Pen tool once to activate.
  • Click again to open Pen tool options, and select the Shape pen.
  • With the pen tool active, right-click or 'long-touch and release' anywhere on the canvas to open the Pen tool options.

The following options are available:

  • Shape options - Click the preferred shape and start drawing.
  • Pen width - sets the size of the stroke. The preview circle changes to reflect the current stroke size.
  • Transparency - sets the visibility of the stroke.

Create custom pen images

Creating custom pen images for the shape tool requires: user have a myViewBoard account, and to have a linked cloud storage account.

When binding a cloud storage account, a folder is created within the "myViewBoard" folder called "Shape Pen". Users can then add common image files such as .png or .jpg to this folder. Next, under the FollowMe settings on, click Shape Pen from the bottom of the menu on the left. If the images haven't updated already, click the refresh icon. The user may also need to sign out of Whiteboard for Windows and sign in again for the changes to take effect. Simply open the Shape tool by clicking/tapping twice on the pen icon in the main toolbar to use the custom images.

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