What are cells?

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Cells are the basic building blocks of all animals and plants. How are plant and animal cells different?

"Close your eyes and picture a brick wall. What is the basic building block of that wall? It is a single brick, of course. Like a brick wall, your body is composed of basic building blocks, and the building blocks of your body are cells."
- Intro to cells, Khan Academy


Learning objectives for this activity:

  • Learn the functions of the different parts of a cell
  • Differentiate between the structures found in animal and plant cells.
  • Use Venn diagrams to compare and contrast key organelles between animal and plant cells.

Start the lesson by playing the video to engage students’ attention and produce better cognitive and effective learning outcomes.

  • Part 1 - Label: Watch the entire video prior to the next page activities.
  • Part 2 – Match: Match the organelle with the correct function.
  • Part 3 – Organize : Drag the organelles in the list to the correct section: Animal Cells, Plant Cells, or All Cells.

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