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Why are we able to see? 👀 Because there is light. What is light? It is a wave.
Why are we able to hear? 👂 Because there is sound. What is sound? It is a wave.
Waves are all around us from the light we see to the sound we hear, to the earthquake that shakes the ground.
What are waves? 🔊👂👀 🌏🔦📺🧲
Students can wave on a string to observe a string vibrate in slow motion to start exploring the wonderful world of waves! Let’s learn and practice the answer to that question today!


  • Begin with Video-assisted Learning to help build background and knowledge about what are waves in physics.
  • Learn and Practice: Wave on a string to observe a string vibrate in slow motion. Identifying the characteristics of transverse and longitudinal waves.
  • Practice: Distinguish between electromagnetic and mechanical waves.
  • Practice: Listening to the sound and write down the right features and drag the corresponding waveform. Determine what sound it is.
  • Play Snakes and Ladders Game to practice what you learned today.

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