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Now that Halloween 👻 is over, how much candy 🍬🍭🍫 you accumulated by the end of Halloween night?
Remember that we ever practiced the activity to organize the best and worst foods for your teeth?
We should limit sugary drinks and sticky food on keeping oral health. 😉
Why is it important to keep teeth healthy?
Why do we need teeth?
How much do you know about teeth?
Let’s practice these myViewBoard Originals - 🦷 Teeth Knowledge activities to know much about them.


It’s time to start asking questions:
🦷 Why do we need teeth?
🦷 Do you know how many types of human teeth and their functions in your mouth? This activity will let students learn the four main types of teeth, and each one has a different shape and function.
🦷 What are the differences in the teeth of animals?
One way you can tell what type of food an animal eats is by looking at its teeth. All animals have teeth that are adapted to eating certain types of food.
Students will use myViewBoard Companion throw feature to interact with the teacher’s whiteboard and learn to identify how the animals’ teeth are especially suited for their different diets.
We also designed myViewBoard Originals Backgrounds - Baby and Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart that you can use to enhance your lessons.
The teeth are the hardest substances in the human body. Strong Teeth Make Strong Kids! 🦷

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