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This myViewBoard Spinner game is based on the bingo concept, and uses multiplication and division. The player who completes a bingo pattern (a full row, column, or diagonal pattern of numbers across the board) first wins.

  • Age: 7+, 9-14
  • Transition from printed cards to your digital whiteboard.


Bingo is always a class favorite. You can play with any number of students.

  1. Assign each player to a token color. (blue or yellow).
  2. Each player take turns to spin the spinner.
    a. Click the selection tool and click the spinner.
    b. On the adorning menu, click the spin caption icon.
    c. Wait for the spinner to stop spinning.

Note the locations where both ends of the spinner land:

  • End with the blue circle: Lands on a number inside the pie. This will be your base number.
  • End with the red arrow: Falls within the green 'quadrant area'. Multiply or divide the base number by the equation shown in the quadrant.

  1. Once you have the correct answer, place (copy or move) your token of color to the corresponding number on the table.
  2. Repeat the procedure until you have tokens of your color occupy a full straight line (row, column or diagonal pattern) on the table.
  3. Shout "Bingo!"

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