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Naming our emotions is an important first step in dealing with them effectively.
We first need to teach children the words to express their feelings before we require them to “use their words.”
We designed a wide variety of myViewBoard Originals - Learning About Feelings activities that can be used in online or offline classes to make #HybridLearning interactive and engaging in the classroom.
The original content is starting to let students know how their choices make them feel and then packed with fun, imaginative ways to help children understand and cope with a whole range of different emotions and how they are expressed through our faces.
Students will learn to use adjectives to describe a variety of feelings and be able to identify feelings using a variety of words how they have felt in various situations.
It is also can help teachers get to know your students, to help your students get to know each other as well.


  • Part I - How their choices make them feel.
1-1: Color the good choices; bad choices.
1-2: We show our feelings with our faces. To learn the face feelings vocabulary words in the good/bad choice boxes.
  • Part II - Puzzles
2-1: Feelings Crossword Puzzle.
2-2: Feelings Missing Vowels Puzzle.
  • Part III - How are you feeling today?
3-1: Spinner game to practice and describe the facial expressions.
3-2: Students throw the feelings to your digital whiteboard.

🎥 video 1: myViewBoard Whiteboard
🎥 video 2: myViewBoard Classroom

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