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myViewBoard Originals - Let’s Learn Chinese: Let’s draw together base on interactive games and task-based activities designed to make language learning fun and natural. By using Four-Step Sequencing: First, Next, Then, Last to build a snowman, not only learning the linguistic and vocabulary but also base on logical sequence with reasoning and pave the way for reading and writing comprehension later on.


👉For more accessibility and comprehension reading experience for students,
you can use myViewBoard Windows digital tools - Speak Selected Texts & Immersive Reader that visual assistance for reading in different languages.
It is available and beneficial for all ages and abilities.
Students can use these features to practice speaking and reading by themselves in distance learning.

  • Speak Selected Texts - You can modify myViewBoard Whiteboard “Text to Speech Settings” to TW (click the gear icon on the titlebar), and then use the “speak selected texts” feature to play the Chinese pronunciation sound.
  • Immersive Reader – You can Launch the Immersive Reader to read the text and display a ‘Picture dictionary’ for English words. Immersive Reader is a Microsoft tool that creates a reading experience that adds accessibility and comprehension for learners of all ages and abilities.

⛄ Roll A Snowman Dice Game to practice what you learned today. Students can work in a group and take turns to roll dice.
Then read the words corresponds with the number to draw the snowman part. If they roll a number that they already have rolled, they skip that turn.
When one of the snowmen is finished, the game ends! This myViewBoard Originals reading sections chiefly use Hanyu Pinyin, Bopomofo, and Traditional-Chinese characters.

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