Managing Tasks with Kanban Boards

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This activity is an example on how teachers can easily use a Kanban board on Whiteboard for Windows.

If you need help, the second page has a hyperlink to the wiki page so you have a quick guide on how to use sticky notes. You can also watch the embedded Magic Box/YouTube video.


  • Add sticky notes to the canvas.
  • On each sticky note, write out one task that needs to be organized
  • Start by placing the sticky notes on the 'To Do' column.
- When you start performing a task, move that task into the 'Doing' column.
- When that task is done, move it to the 'Done' column.

If working with a group, writing the names of people on the canvas may make it easier to organize and monitor the status of the tasks. You can also assign a different sticky note color for each person.

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