Egg Balancing Challenge

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Egg balancing 🥚 is a traditional Taiwanese practice at Dragon Boat Festival. If you can make an egg balanced on its end at exactly 12 noon on the day, you will supposedly receive good luck for the following year!
👉 We design the myViewBoard Originals - Egg Balancing Challenge 🐣 to let kids balance the eggs with family at home on this Dragon Boat Festival holidays. Have Fun!


👉 Dragon Boat Festival Safe Tips During Covid-19:Following the Dragon Boat Festival Safe Tips During Covid-19 to do the traditional activities:

  • Wear a MASK.
  • Drink WATER instead of realgar wine.
  • Keep CLEAN wash hands after hanging sweet flag on the door.
  • Stay at HOME avoid going to public places.
  • Keep CLEAN wash hands before eating Zongzi.

👉Egg Balancing Challenge Digital Worksheet:
Let's draw and balance the eggs at noon. Students can use Companion Throw feature sending the video to myViewBoard Whiteboard to complete this digital worksheet.

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