Difference of 2 sets

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This content encourages students to analyze and categorize the connections between two or more complex concepts by using Venn and Carroll diagrams.

The Venn and Carroll diagrams may be over a hundred years old, but it's still highly used in today's modern lessons from science, math, and computing to arts and design. Its utility has gone beyond teaching logical thinking.

  • A Carroll diagram is a logic diagram used for grouping things in a yes/no fashion. Numbers or objects are either categorized as 'x' (having an attribute x) or 'not x' (not having that attribute).
  • A Venn diagram is a diagram that shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets.


In the digital world, concepts used by the Venn and Carroll diagrams remain unchanged.


  • Students use Carroll and Venn diagrams to compare and contrast information and recognize relationships between concepts.
  • Students learn and develop visual perception skills.

This content requires students to perform the following:

  • Inside the area where the circles overlap/intersect, place objects that match the properties defined by the intersecting circles.
  • Place the objects so that they match both criteria specified in the first row and column of the grid.

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