Dental Care

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Oral health education is important that should be discussed with children and promoting the correct oral health behaviors. The objective of this myViewBoard Originals is to practice the good habits regarding oral health care. This myViewBoard Originals is designed to encourage students to think about the relationships between knowledge, choice, behavior, and enhanced human health when they play the activities.


🎯 Prepare & Present

🦷 Click play to watch the video.
🦷 Apply motion to make the brushing teeth stand out and bring them to life- adding impression.

🎯 Participate 🦷 Students’ turn to interact with digital Whiteboard to make learning fun!

  • Match: If students drag the incorrect habit onto the tooth, it will show brown tooth decay! On the contrary, if they drag the correct habit, it will be a white healthy tooth.
  • Organize: Drag the best and worst foods for your teeth.

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