Colors of Seasons

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Each season has its own magical colors! This myViewboard Originals - Colors of Seasons will guide the students to find a color scheme in different seasons.
They will be encouraged to use those color codes to pair them with each other and think about the meaning of color to develop their perception of color.
Through aesthetic education, students will learn to appreciate the beauty of the world and cultivate students’ aesthetic literacy.


  • Observe Nature: Guiding students to observe and think about what are the colors of leaves in different seasons?
  • Group Participate: Find the representative colors from each photo. Students select 4 colors that remind them of the different seasons. The objective is to create the color palette from the season’s photo.
  • Using myViewBoard Whiteboard Participate Mode for group collaboration: What do you feel about the representative colors from each photo? Why select these 4 colors?
  • Coloring worksheet: Students will find a color scheme in different seasons and then use those codes to color and pair them with each other in the coloring area.

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