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This page serves as a quick guide for students. Read on to learn how to join and participate in myViewBoard Classroom sessions.

Joining a Classroom session

Using a Session ID

  1. Wait for the teacher to share the Classroom session link.
  2. If given a URL or a QR code, open the link using a web browser.
  3. If given a session ID, open the following URL but replace the xxxxxx with the session ID.
  4. On the Classroom login page, specify a name. The session ID value is automatically filled in.
  5. The teacher may also set a session password.
  6. Congratulations, you have now joined the Classroom session.

Join via Google Classroom Logo-Google-classroom.svg

  1. The teacher will share the session link in Google Classroom
  2. Click the link, and then enter your name and session password if required.
  3. Congratulations, you have now joined the myViewBoard Classroom session.

Available student interactions

Here's some ways to participate in classes:


Raise your hand
Click the yellow Raise Hand icon if you have a question or want to participate in a discussion. When there's time, the teacher can let you talk with the class.


Draw on the canvas
Draw using the pen. Don't forget you also have the shape tool too. Top tip: click the pen icon again for more options, like the AI Pen!


Work in Groups
For group work the teacher can put students into groups called 'huddles'. In a huddle, you and your group have a canvas all to yourself.

Drawing with Canvas tools

You can use the following tools to interact with the canvas.

Using the Raise Hand feature

Click the Raise Hand feature if you have a question or want to participate in a discussion.

Here's how to raise your hand and ask to speak:

  1. Click the Raise Hand icon Raise hand.gif on the left panel.
  2. Wait for the teacher to grant you voice access to the Classroom.
  3. When enabled by the teacher, the Raise Hand icon turns green and you can talk to the Classroom.
  4. You can temporarily mute your microphone, or the teacher can mute your microphone.
  5. Click the icon again to turn your microphone off.

Top tip: if you're using Chrome browser, the browser tab will display a red circle when the microphone is enabled