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Oc-valentines-day .png

Valentines Day
This activity demonstrates the use of video-assisted learning to share interesting facts about Valentine’s Day 💗.

OC butterfly lifecycle.png

Butterfly life cycle
This activity demonstrates how to integrate a KWL chart and a video to teach the life cycle of a butterfly to students.

interactive VAL

Time (Video Assisted Learning)
Move the hands of the clock to match the time shown on the video.

interactive VAL

Color (Video Assisted Learning)
Use the video to match the correct colored circles to the labels.

interactive VAL
OC kanban board.png

Managing Tasks with Kanban Boards
Organize your tasks using Sticky Notes on this Kanban board. If you need help, watch the embedded YouTube video as a guide.

interactive VAL
OC US Puzzle Map.png

US Map Puzzle
Introduce key facts about each of the US states in a dynamic, interactive video format maximizing retention and memory.




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