MyViewBoard Manager Release History

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V1.5.0 (2020-08-03)


- Adding myViewBoard app APKs as default for install app list for all users.
- Removing device from Manager after Factory Reset conducting.


- Add a page to support user pairing first device.
- Add original content resources to multimedia broadcasting.
- Set default message type to information for broadcasting message.
- Rename button 'Add Device' to 'Add to Group' under groups page.


- Send standby mode back to server after shutdown command received.
- Import hide/show SideToolBar api from SystemApi.
- Fix the Side bar is still available for user when screen is lock down.
- Fix side bar is gone when the system reboot under screen lock condition.
- Fix on ViewSonic IFP30 series, cannot use remote support to control the volume of broadcasting video.
- Add enroll success image without plus sign.
- Schedule to check version every 3 hours.