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The myViewBoard extension is an extension for the Chrome browser that provides quick access to myViewBoard features from the browser toolbar. It also enables the ability to receive or send a user's screen to an active myViewBoard session via secure WebRTC protocol.

The extension is available in the Chrome web store via the following URL:

Installing the Extension

Extension for Chrome
  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Go to the following URL:
    Alternatively, you can also search for myviewboard extension on the Chrome web store.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. Click Add extension.
    Wait for a few seconds for the installation to complete.

If successful, the installation adds the myViewBoard icon to the 'extension area' on the browser toolbar.

Using the myViewBoard Extension

To use the extension:

  1. Click the extension icon at the 'extension area' on the browser toolbar.
  2. Sign in using your myViewBoard credentials.
  3. After signing in, several options become available.
Using the myViewBoard extension.

Using the myViewBoard extension.

Requirement for Casting

The myViewBoard extension is required to use the casting feature on the website. Users are prompted to install the extension when using casting on a Chrome browser that does not have the extension installed.

For more information about casting, see Wireless Presentation.