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Entity accounts are like Premium accounts, but for organizations rather than individuals.

myViewBoard offers different types of user accounts. myViewBoard Entity is a type of account for users that belong to an organization, such as a business or school. Entity offers tools for IT admins and owners to manage myViewBoard hardware, software, and users. For example, a school or business with several ViewBoards and multiple employees with myViewBoard accounts can be centrally managed by an IT admin within that organization. For individual users of myViewBoard, Standard or Premium accounts are recommended (read more here).

To sign up for an Entity account, visit the link below:

For schools and educational institutions: under I'd like to... select Sign up my school

For all other organization types: under I'd like to... select Sign up

Entity is currently free for educational institutions.

Benefits of being a myViewBoard Entity

myViewBoard Entity provides all the features of Standard and Premium account types, plus useful features for organizations such as:

  • myViewBoard Manager for device management
  • Entity Management for user management
  • Dedicated support team
  • myViewBoard Community and Support
  • Early Access to new apps and features
  • Opportunities for professional development and certified training

Entity includes all Premium tier features. Some of the most popular are:

1Coming soon for Classroom.

Become a myViewBoard Entity

Becoming an Entity is simple:

  1. Submit a form from here.
    1. Under I'd like to... select either Sign up (for non-educational organizations such as businesses), or Sign up my school (for schools/educational institutions).
    2. Fill out the contact details so that our team can contact you. If you have any special requests or concerns, feel free to write them in the Message section.
  2. You will receive an automated email response to confirm our system has received your request. A member of our team will then reply to you personally within 72 hours, to confirm your application or ask for further information.

Next steps

After the Entity request is approved, support teams based in your region will be in touch to offer assistance and help resolve any issues you may have.

Onboard users to your myViewBoard Entity

Once registered as an Entity, IT admins and owners will have access to the Entity Management console from which allows management of all users registered to the entity. From here you can import users from an existing solution such as Microsoft or Google Single Sign-On (SSO), or import users via csv spreadsheet. Read how to do this here: adding users in Entity Management.

If you have any queries about this, or any other aspect of being a myViewBoard Entity, our support teams will be happy to help. You can contact your dedicated support manager directly after entity approval, or contact our community support forum here.

See also

  • Cloud Integration for connecting individual myViewBoard accounts to third-party cloud storage and other services.