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myViewBoard Manager

myViewBoard Manager is a tool for Entity Admins to remotely manage multiple installations of ViewSonic visual solution devices such as ViewBoard.

To access, click the Manager tile or the Entity Management tile, then click Manager on the side panel.
Note that this option is only available for users signed in using an Entity Admin account.

Downloading the APP

The myViewBoard Manager app is only available for signed-in users.
To download:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Once signed in, click the Download myViewBoard applications on the top toolbar.
  3. Click Manager for Android Download on the new window to start downloading.

You can also download the app by clicking the link below:

For more information how to download myViewBoard applications visit Download wiki page.

System Requirements

Before installation, verify that the device to manage meets the following requirements:

  • myViewBoard Manager can only be installed on Android-based ViewSonic devices such as IFP and projectors.
  • To successfully use remote control features, ensure that TCP Port 443 is open on your network.
  • The setting "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" has been enabled on the IFP.

Steps to enable the "Unknown Sources" setting will vary depending on the IFP model. See the following pages below for examples:

If in doubt, your IFP's user manual will most likely contain instructions on installing APK files. If you need further assistance, see if you can find your answers here, or contact your IFP reseller for more details.

Adding Devices

You need to set up your devices first before you can add them to your list of managed devices.

On the device to manage:

  1. Download the myViewBoard Manager app.
  2. Install the app on the device to manage.
  3. Open the app and note the 6-digit PIN displayed.

On the myViewBoard Manager admin console page on

  1. Click Add Device MVB M add.svg
  2. Provide the 6-digit PIN you obtained earlier.
  3. (Optional) Specify a short name for the device.
  4. Click Add.

Sorting Added Devices into Groups

After you have a number of devices added, you can manage them using the following options:

To create a group:

  1. On the side panel, click > to expand the Group dropdown.
  2. Click + Add a group
  3. Click Create Group

To add devices to the group:

  1. On the side panel, click > to expand the Group dropdown.
  2. Click on the group where you want to add a device.
  3. On the main panel, click Add Device MVB M add.svg.
  4. On the new window, select which devices you want to add to this group.
  5. Click Add.
  6. The devices should now appear on the device list for the group.

You can also "star" your favorite devices so you can easily find them later.
To star a device:

  1. On any group list, locate the device you want to star.
  2. Click the star beside the Device name.
  3. The star icon should turn yellow.
  4. To easily filter your "star" devices, click Starred on the side panel.

To modify the group membership of a device:

  1. Locate the device you want to update.
  2. Click the device name to open the Device properties page.
  3. Click the pencil icon to open the Device groups dialog.
  4. On the list, click + Add or - Remove.
  5. Click Finish.

Managing Devices

myViewBoard Manager displays all your managed devices in a list on the main window. This list also provides several options to quickly manage your devices.

The right-most panel displays the following information:

  • Hover over a device to view device, network, memory, and storage information for that device.
  • Selecting a device enables the following options:
MVB M power-off.svg Power on the device
MVB M restart.svg Restart the device
MVB M unlocked.svg Lock the device
Turn the screen on
MVB M source select.svg Change the input source
Adjust volume
Firmware Update
Stop broadcasting

Broadcasting to Devices

The Broadcast feature allows device admins to send messages in real-time to selected devices.

To broadcast messages to devices:

  1. Select one or more devices on the list.
  2. Click Link= Broadcasting, then select one of the following:
    • Message: Displays a short message on the devices.
    • Multimedia: Displays an image or a video on the device.
  3. Specify how long you want the message to appear.
  4. Click 'Finish' to start the broadcast.

Files to upload must not exceed the following sizes:

  • Maximum video file size: 300MB
  • Maximum image file size: 30MB
You can find out the gallery of the preinstalled myViewBoard media files for broadcasting here.

To stop broadcasting:

  1. Locate and select the device to update.
  2. On the rightmost panel, click Stop Broadcasting.

If you have media files you broadcast frequently, click Media on the side panel to manage your uploaded multimedia files.

Installing Apps on Devices

You can also use myViewBoard Manager to install apps on multiple managed devices.

  1. Click Media on the side panel.
  2. Upload APK files from your local drive.
  3. Go back to your device listing and select one or more devices on the list.
  4. Click MVB M apps.svg Apps on the top toolbar.
  5. On the popup, select one or more apps to install.
  6. Click MVB M install.svg Install.
  7. App installation starts after the The command has been sent message appears.

Uninstalling apps follow a similar process:

  1. Select one or more devices on the list.
  2. Click MVB M apps.svg Apps.
  3. On the popup, select one or more apps to uninstall.
  4. Click MVB M uninstall.svg Uninstall.
  5. App uninstallation starts after the The command has been sent message appears.

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