MyViewBoard Companion App Release History

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v2.5.6 (2019-01-08)


- Added Recall function for Throw. User can unsend/recall files they have thrown to myViewBoard.


- Updated "Remote Control" function name to "Moderation".
- Updated "Stream" wording to "Display".


- Throw now allows users to select up to 10 files.
- Added file and video upload option for Throw.
- Added text zoom in/out limitation during image editing.

v2.4.2 (2019-12-02)


- Added feedback when wifi is not available during sign in.


- Page Combination for ViewBoard control and URL
- Text in PopQuiz (and Throw) position limitation


- Fixed issue where companion app is in logout status after editing account on, but myViewBoard for Windows is logged in.
- Fixed incorrect scrolling position of photo browser


- Added support for text input on the PopQuiz canvas


- Remotely initiate QR code sharing
- Remotely opening and closing the host info panel
- Fixed various bugs


- Improved the smoothness of laser pointer control
- Added phone vibration when a QR code is scanned
- Fixed various bugs


- Added ability to "Throw" images and videos shared by other apps on iOS
- Fixed critical issue related to iOS keyboard lag