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myViewBoard Clips allows users to search, access and insert educational video content onto the canvas. myViewBoard Clips offers 2 million+ educational videos from over 150 premier media brands to safely, seamlessly, and quickly create engaging lessons. myViewBoard Clips is commercial free, copyright-cleared, and curated for educational subjects.

myViewBoard Clips is powered by Boclips. Boclips is a service that collects the best educational videos across all age levels and subjects and puts them on a single platform to give an easier, faster, and safer way to use video in the classroom. [1]

This feature is only available for Education entities. A Boclips account is not required to use myViewBoard Clips.

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Powered by Boclips

Boclips provides the education industry access to rights-ready videos from world-renowned brands, aligned to curricula. Boclips aggregates over two million rights-ready video clips from some of the world's largest and most respected content producers onto a single cloud-based platform. Proprietary algorithms then map these clips to the curricula and courses used by education providers around the world, ensuring relevant search results for courseware designers, instructors and students. All videos are rights-ready, and contain stories from 1895 to yesterday. [2]

Features include [3]:

  • Browser-based platform (no special software or hardware required)
  • Features short-form instructional videos, animations, documentaries, and news footage
  • Enables users to create and share personalised collections
  • Suitable for a variety of age levels
  • Videos support most subject areas and curricula
  • Can be used with LMS's and other video tools
  • New content added daily Closed captioning available for thousands of titles

Inserting myViewBoard Clips

Inserting myViewBoard Clips is only supported on myViewBoard for Windows.

To access myViewBoard Clips:

  1. On the Floating Toolbar, click the Embed browser.
  2. On the Embed browser, click the myViewBoard Clips tile.
    myViewBoard clips tile

    myViewBoard clips tile
  3. Provide your myViewBoard user name and password, and click Login.

On the myViewBoard Clips search page, perform the following:

  1. For every keyword you want to add, type a keyword on the search box and press enter. To remove a keyword, click  .
  2. (Optional) Click Choose a Subject, and select at least one tag.
  3. (Optional) Specify more filters:
    • Source: Video library to search
    • Duration: Return only videos of this length
    • Sort: Sorting of the initial results
  4. Click Search, then wait for the search to complete.
  5. Scroll down to see the search results at the bottom of the window.

To view only the videos for a specific subject:

  1. Leave the search box blank.
  2. Click Choose a Subject, and select at least one tag.
  3. Click Search, then wait for the search to complete.
  4. Scroll down to see the search results at the bottom of the window.

From the search results, locate the video you want and perform one of the following:

  • Click and drag the video on the canvas, or
  • Click  

The video is displayed in its own floating frame. The frame can be moved and resized. Saving the canvas also saves the frame.

More Information

Click the object to open the adorning menu

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