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This document consolidates all the information related to the myViewBoard Classroom user interface.

myViewBoard Classroom Interface

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myViewBoard Canvas Icons

During lesson creation, the following tools are available on the canvas provided:

Icon Name Description
Classroom icon resourse off.png
Magic Box Insert a resource onto the canvas.
Classroom icon select off.png
Selection Selects objects, text and pictures.
Classroom icon pen off.png
Pen Draws freehand lines and squiggles. Click again to open pen options.
Classroom icon eraser off.png
Eraser Erases objects, based on the last mode selected. Click again to display eraser options.
Classroom icon shapes off.png
Shape/Line Draws lines and shapes with different styles. Click again to display shape options.
Classroom icon text off.png
Text/Handwriting Creates a textbox. Click again to switch to handwriting recognition.
Classroom icon eye off.png
Eyes on me Displays text over the students screen to temporarily prevent interaction.
Classroom icon undo off.png
Undo Reverses the previous action
Classroom icon redo off.png
Redo Reverses the previous undo action.
Classroom icon polling off.png
Polling Opens the polling window.
Classroom icon screenshot off.png
Screen capture Displays options for capturing the contents of the canvas.