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Use the My Library screen to manage courses, lessons and activities that you can bind in your classrooms. My Library shows all the courses you can use in a classroom. Courses may be either created by you, or imported from another user.

My Library User Interface

To access the My Library screen, go to myViewBoard Classroom > My Library.

Use the My Library screen to manage courses, lessons and activities that you can bind in your classrooms.

Use the My Library screen to manage courses, lessons and activities that you can bind in your classrooms.

Create a Course

The My Library screen allows users to create courses that are not bound to a classroom. To create a new course:

  1. Go to My Library > Courses tab.
  2. Click Create a Course.
  3. Provide the following details:
    • Name: Specify a name for this course.
    • Description: Specify a short description that helps others understand your course.
    • Thumbnail: (Optional) Upload an image that accurately represents your course topic.
    • Tags: (Optional) Specify tags that would make it easy for others to find the course.
  4. Click Confirm.

Create a course

Create a course

Add Lessons

To add content to this course, click the newly created course, and then click View Course.

Courses are organized by lessons. To create a lesson:

  1. On the Lesson tab, click Create Lesson.
  2. Specify a Lesson title.
  3. Click Done, or press Enter.
  4. To cancel click    
  5. To edit the title at a later time, click    and click Edit Lesson Property.

Create a lesson.

Create a lesson.

To add slides to this lesson:

  1. On the Lesson tab, click Edit Slides.
  2. Create your lesson content on the canvas provided. Changes made to the canvas are automatically saved.
    • To add a new slide, click   New Slide, or
    • To add a new slide, click the pagination control at the bottom, then click  
    • To delete a slide, click the pagination control at the bottom, then click    on the page to remove.
    • For more details, see Creating Lessons.
  3. Once done, click the back button on your browser, or close your browser window.

During lesson creation, the following tools are available on the canvas provided:

Icon Name Description
Classroom icon resourse off.png
Magic Box Insert a resource onto the canvas.
Classroom icon select off.png
Selection Selects objects, text and pictures.
Classroom icon pen off.png
Pen Draws freehand lines and squiggles. Click again to open pen options.
Classroom icon eraser off.png
Eraser Erases objects, based on the last mode selected. Click again to display eraser options.
Classroom icon shapes off.png
Shape/Line Draws lines and shapes with different styles. Click again to display shape options.
Classroom icon text off.png
Text/Handwriting Creates a textbox. Click again to switch to handwriting recognition.
Classroom icon eye off.png
Eyes on me Displays text over the students screen to temporarily prevent interaction.
Classroom icon undo off.png
Undo Reverses the previous action
Classroom icon redo off.png
Redo Reverses the previous undo action.
Classroom icon polling off.png
Polling Opens the polling window.
Classroom icon screenshot off.png
Screen capture Displays options for capturing the contents of the canvas.

Create a slide.

Create a slide.

Add a Lesson Plan

The Plan tab contains information on how the lesson should be taught. If the lesson is shared with other users, they can refer to the Plan tab to see if they can use the lesson as is, or adjust the lesson to suit their needs.

Plans are organized by section. To create a section:

  1. On the Plan tab, click Create Section.
  2. Type the Section title above the underline.
  3. Type the section content under the underline.
    • You can also copy-and-paste content here. Line breaks are preserved in the Section content.
  4. Click Done, or press Enter.
  5. To cancel click  

After creating the plan, click Back to course library.

Export Lessons

Use this tab to export and share lessons created inside your available courses.

  1. Click Export Lesson
  2. On the new window, locate the lesson to export.
  3. Click the lesson, and click Export.
  4. The lesson is added to the list.

To share the lesson:

  1. Locate the lesson to export.
  2. Click and select Share.
  3. To share with PeerHub:
    • On the PeerHub tab, toggle the PeerHub option to start sharing.
    • By default, the lesson is shared with just within your entity.
    • Select Share with PeerHub to share with everyone.
  4. To share with specific people only:
    • Specify an email address.
    • Click Send.
  5. Click Done.

All published lessons will be shared. Classwork, student information, and files will not be shared with others.

Create Activities

Activities are interactive experiences which can be added to a course.

This feature will be added on the next release of myViewBoard Classroom.

Create Classrooms

If you do not have any classrooms or lessons yet, go to the myViewBoard Classroom screen to create one. The Classroom tab has the following sections:

The home tab provides an overview of what's current in the class. Use Announcements to communicate with your class in real-time. Since myViewBoard Classroom is integrated with Google Classroom, students can read your posts in Google Classroom.
Provide a lesson plan to accompany the lesson. The lesson plan should either provide an outline of the lesson, or instructions/guidelines on how the lesson should be taught. In case the lesson is shared, this greatly helps others who have decided to use your lesson in their own classrooms.
Create a lesson to present in this classroom. A lesson contains one or more chapters. Lessons can be shared with others. Likewise, you can also use and modify lessons shared by other users.
Use this tab to invite students. Add students to your class by either importing them from Google Classroom, or inviting them through email.
myViewBoard Classroom also allows you to create assignments to test your students' comprehension.
Upload files to use in the classroom. Uploaded files can be inserted into lessons.