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The Dashboard shows the classes you have scheduled for the week.

Dashboard User Interface

The Dashboard is the default screen displayed when you access myViewBoard Classroom.

Review Class Schedules

The dashboard screen displays the following areas:

Upcoming courses

These are courses that are scheduled to be presented on the current date. To start presenting, perform one of the following:

  • Click Start Presenting to open the first course on the list.
  • Click on a course card to start presenting that course.


By default, the calendar shows a list of classes scheduled for the current month. To view classes scheduled for a different month:

  • Click    and    to navigate through the schedule one month at a time.
  • Click Today to return to the current month. The current day is shown with a yellow background.

Add New Schedule

To add a new class schedule:

  1. Click a date on the Calendar.
  2. Provide the following details:
    Select classroom Select which classroom to present for the selected period.
    Event title Specify a title for the event.
    Starting time Specify a starting date and time.
    Ending time Specify an ending date and time.
    Ending date and time must be later than starting time to enable the Confirm button.
    Location Specify a location for the class.
    Description Provide a short description for the class.
  3. Click Confirm.

Changes made to the Dashboard are reflected in real-time to the user's Google Calendar.

Create Classrooms

If you do not have any classrooms or lessons yet, go to the myViewBoard Classroom screen to create one. The Classroom tab has the following sections:

The home tab provides an overview of what's current in the class. Use Announcements to communicate with your class in real-time. Since myViewBoard Classroom is integrated with Google Classroom, students can read your posts in Google Classroom.
Provide a lesson plan to accompany the lesson. The lesson plan should either provide an outline of the lesson, or instructions/guidelines on how the lesson should be taught. In case the lesson is shared, this greatly helps others who have decided to use your lesson in their own classrooms.
Create a lesson to present in this classroom. A lesson contains one or more chapters. Lessons can be shared with others. Likewise, you can also use and modify lessons shared by other users.
Use this tab to invite students. Add students to your class by either importing them from Google Classroom, or inviting them through email.
myViewBoard Classroom also allows you to create assignments to test your students' comprehension.
Upload files to use in the classroom. Uploaded files can be inserted into lessons.