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Courses refers to lessons which are presented to a class. myViewBoard Classroom provides access to several myViewBoard tools to assist in course creation and presentation.

Creating a Course

  1. On the myViewBoardClassroom page, click Courses.
  2. Click Create a Course.
  3. Specify the following:
    • Name
    • Thumbnail
    • Course Description
  4. Click Create New Course.
  5. Locate the new course and review the details.
    • Share State. By default, the Share State of all new courses are set to Private.
    • Author. Email address of the course creator.
    • Last Modifier. Last user who modified the course.
    • Last Updated. Date and time of the last update to the course
  6. To change any of the properties, click Actions > Edit Information.
  7. To start updating the course, click Modify to open the course creation area.
  8. After edits are complete, click to go back to the Course overview area.

Adding Content to the Course

Course content are organized into the following:

  • Slides are individual pages that are presented to the students.
  • Slides are organized into Chapters. Chapters act as containers for slides. A course can contain multiple chapters, with each chapter containing its own set of slides.

When you first create a course, myViewBoard Classroom displays the following prompts:

Add a chapter

  1. Add a new chapter by clicking the Click here to add chapter area.
  2. On the Create Chapter window, specify the following:
    • Name
    • Chapter description
  3. Click Create New Chapter
  4. Create as many chapters as needed.
    • Drag the chapters to reorder.
    • Click to edit the chapter title.
    • Click to delete chapters. All slides within the chapter will be removed.

Add a slide

  1. Add a new slide by clicking the Click here to add new slide area.
  2. Use the slides to create your lesson.
  3. Create as many slides as needed.
    • To reorder, drag the slides within the slides column.
    • To delete, drag the slides outside the slides column, or click the on the slide to remove.
    • To remove all slides, click the trashcan icon.

Start creating your course on the slides provided. myViewBoard Classroom automatically saves changes during course creation.

For more information on the tools available for creating/updating courses, see myViewBoard Classroom Course Creation Tools.