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Use the People tab to add, remove and manage students that are participating in this classroom.

People Tab User Interface

To access the People tab, go to myViewBoard Classroom > Classroom > People.

Adding Students

To add students, perform one of the following:

  Add Students from Google Classroom Import students from the connected Google Classroom account.
  Add students by email Specify the name and email address of the student to add.
When a student is successfully invited, the student's Course Entry Link and unique login code is sent to his email address.
Students need to accept the invitation link to join the class.

If the import/invite process was successful, the People tab displays the following information:

Name Name assigned to the student.
To edit, click   on the Action column.
E-mail Email address of the student.
To edit, click   on the Action column.
Login Code Code used by the student to access the class.
Click to copy the code to the clipboard.
Actions Actions that can be applied to the student details.

Update Student Details

To update student details, the following actions are available:

  Edit Update the name and email address of the student.
  Info Review student details.
  Delete Removes the student from the list.

Other myViewBoard Classroom Features

Explore other tabs in the myViewBoard Classroom screen to create more engaging lessons.

The home tab provides an overview of what's current in the class. Use Announcements to communicate with your class in real-time. Since myViewBoard Classroom is integrated with Google Classroom, students can read your posts in Google Classroom.
Provide a lesson plan to accompany the lesson. The lesson plan should either provide an outline of the lesson, or instructions/guidelines on how the lesson should be taught. In case the lesson is shared, this greatly helps others who have decided to use your lesson in their own classrooms.
Create a lesson to present in this classroom. A lesson contains one or more chapters. Lessons can be shared with others. Likewise, you can also use and modify lessons shared by other users.
Use this tab to invite students. Add students to your class by either importing them from Google Classroom, or inviting them through email.
myViewBoard Classroom also allows you to create assignments to test your students' comprehension.
Upload files to use in the classroom. Uploaded files can be inserted into lessons.