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Add Slides

To add slides to this lesson:

  1. On the lesson to update, click Edit Slides.
  2. Create your lesson content on the canvas provided. Changes made to the canvas are automatically saved.
    • To add a new slide, click   New Slide, or
    • To add a new slide, click the pagination control at the bottom, then click  
    • To delete a slide, click the pagination control at the bottom, then click    on the page to remove.
  3. Once done, click the back button on your browser, or close your browser window.

myViewBoard Classroom Tools

myViewBoard Classroom provides the following tools to create your lesson:

Icon Name Description
Classroom icon resourse off.png
Magic Box Insert a resource onto the canvas.
Classroom icon select off.png
Selection Selects objects, text and pictures.
Classroom icon pen off.png
Pen Draws freehand lines and squiggles. Click again to open pen options.
Classroom icon eraser off.png
Eraser Erases objects, based on the last mode selected. Click again to display eraser options.
Classroom icon shapes off.png
Shape Draws shapes with different styles. Click again to display shape options.
Classroom icon text off.png
Text Creates a textbox where you can type text.
Classroom icon eye off.png
Eyes on me Displays text over the students screen to temporarily prevent interaction.
Classroom icon undo off.png
Undo Reverses the previous action
Classroom icon redo off.png
Redo Reverses the previous undo action.
Classroom icon polling off.png
Polling Opens the polling window.
Classroom icon screenshot off.png
Screen capture Displays options for capturing the contents of the canvas.

Magic Box Options

The Magic Box allows you to insert objects from various sources onto the canvas.

Icon Name Description
YouTube Inserts a YouTube video
Search for a video, then drag the video thumbnail into the canvas to insert.
Google Drive Inserts objects from a connected Google drive account
Locate and drag the file to insert into the canvas.
BuiltIn BG Off.png
Images Inserts images from Google image search
Type a keyword and press search.
Drag an image from the results.
Web resources Inserts a link to a web resource.
Drag to insert into the canvas.
Activities Inserts activities created in myViewBoard Classroom.
Drag to insert into the canvas.
Widgets Inserts interactive widgets.
Drag to insert into the canvas.

Eraser Options

The Eraser tool erases objects on the canvas. Click the Eraser tool again to access additional eraser options.

Click on the Eraser tool once to activate:

  • To erase lines drawn by the pen tool, drag the eraser over the area to erase.
  • To erase images and shapes, click the image and shape to erase.
  • Drag the slider to adjust the size of the eraser.

Click the Eraser tool icon again to change the eraser mode:

Icon Name Description
Eraser Revert the eraser to its default mode.
Trashcan Click to clear the whole canvas. Note that any tool visible on the canvas are also removed.

Shape Tool

The Shape tool draws shapes with different styles. Click again to display shape options.

On the main toolbar, click the Shape Tool icon:

  • Click once to activate and start using the last tool activated
  • Click a second time to open the Shape Tool Menu
  • Click a 3rd time to close the Shape Tool Menu

Open the Shape Tool menu.

  1. Select a color. Click the plus icon to choose more colors from the color palette.
  2. Adjust line thickness and transparency.
  3. Click on a shape. Once a shape is selected, the Shape Tool menu is hidden.
  4. To draw, click and drag to the preferred size.

Classroom shapes.gif

Text Tool

To use the text tool:

  1. Click the Text tool icon once to activate.
  2. Click the canvas area where the text is to be inserted.
  3. On the text editor window that opens, click the input area and start typing.
    The text editor provides the following customization options:
    • Font type and size - only fonts available on the current device can be used
    • Text color and background
    • Alignment and indentation
    • Subscript and superscript
    • Text-to-speech settings - only voices available on the current device can be used
  4. To resize the text editor window, click and drag the edges of the text editor window.
  5. Click to close the text editor.

Classroom texttool.gif