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myViewBoard Classroom is a dynamic online platform that offers educators easy access to their teaching tools, assignments, courses, and documents in one place. With the integration of G Suite and Google Classroom:

  • Teachers can post assignments, announcements and access their Google Drive contents directly from our portal.
  • Teachers are also able to manage and directly assess student’s performance via our Google Classroom and Google Calendar integration.

Additionally, teachers can download course materials or activities to use in their class, or they can share their own materials to other teachers so that they can get feedback from them. myViewBoard Classroom is a 24/7 teacher’s assistant at your fingertips.

How-to Guides

For an introduction, information and tutorials on using myViewBoard Classroom, see the following guides:

myViewBoard Classroom
Quick Start Guide

This document is a guide to quickly get started with using myViewBoard Classroom after installation.

myViewBoard Classroom
User Guide

This document is a guide to using the myViewBoard Classroom user interface.

myViewBoard Classroom
Training Guide

This document is a comprehensive guide to using myViewBoard Classroom.

myViewBoard Classroom
Toolbar Icons

This document aims to be a printable guide that users can use as a quick 'cheat sheet' reference to the myViewBoard icons.


myViewBoard Classroom provides the following benefits:

  • Teaching materials are more organized. The right classroom gets the right course materials.
  • Peer reviews between teachers becomes more intuitive. Teachers help each other and grow together.
  • Teachers are more insightful of their students providing an inclusive learning environment.

Google Integration

Since myViewBoard Classroom supports integration with Google Classroom, you can manage and use all the tools available in Google Classroom right inside myViewBoard Classroom. Any updates made in myViewBoard Classroom automatically sync related sections in Google Classroom:

Google Classroom myViewBoard Classroom Notes
Google Calendar Dashboard Class schedules added to the Dashboard are automatically added on the user's Google Calendar
Stream Announcements All posts made in Announcements sync in real-time to Google Classroom's Stream.
People People myViewBoard Classroom imports all students you've aleady added in Google Classroom.
Classwork Assignments Assignments created in myViewBoard Classroom automatically appear in Google Classroom Classwork.
Google Drive Files Uploading files on the Files tab uploads the file directly to Google Drive.

Accessing myViewBoard Classroom

myViewBoard Classroom is only available for entities under a education account who are already using Google Classroom.

  1. Sign in to the web site.
  2. Click on the myViewBoard Classroom link.
  3. Give myViewBoard access to your Google account.
    1. Select a Google Account to use.
    2. Click Allow to grant permission to integrate myViewBoard Classroom with your Google account.
  4. The myViewBoard Classroom interface opens in a new window.

myViewBoard Classroom Interface

Click on an image to enlarge:

The Dashboard shows the classes you have scheduled for the week. This is the default screen displayed when using Classroom for the first time.
A classroom contains all the resources required for the class.
My Library shows all the courses you can use in a classroom. Courses may be either created by you, or imported from another user.
Peerhub shows all the courses, lessons and activities shared by the community.

Getting Started with Classroom

Set up a Classroom

Start by creating a classroom. A classroom acts as a container for all the resources required for the class. myViewBoard classroom allows you to manage the following resources:

Start by uploading files to use in the classroom. Uploaded files can be inserted into lessons.
Create a lesson to present in this classroom. A lesson contains one or more chapters. Lessons can be shared with others. Likewise, you can also use and modify lessons shared by other users.
Provide a lesson plan to accompany the lesson. The lesson plan should either provide an outline of the lesson, or instructions/guidelines on how the lesson should be taught. In case the lesson is shared, this greatly helps others who have decided to use your lesson in their own classrooms.
Add students to your class by either importing them from Google Classroom, or inviting them through email.
Use Announcements to communicate with your class in real-time. Since myViewBoard Classroom is integrated with Google Classroom, students can read your posts in Google Classroom.
myViewBoard Classroom also allows you to create assignments to test your students' comprehension.

Review Class Schedules

  1. Use the Dashboard to review classes you have scheduled for the week. This is the default screen displayed when using Classroom for the first time.
  2. Changes to the dashboard automatically sync with Google calendar.
  3. Use the Announcement feature to inform your students about required pre-class activities or exercises.
  4. Before starting, verify that all students invited have already joined the classroom.

Present to your Classroom

  1. If you have a class that is near its presentation time, click Start Presenting on the Dashboard to begin the lesson.
  2. Alternatively, go to the Classroom section, select a classroom card on the Published tab, and click Start Presenting.
  3. Ask students to join the classroom by providing them the class code.

myViewBoard Classroom Settings

  1. Go to myViewBoard Classroom > Settings.
  2. On the account tab:
    • Review the email address and the Google account linked to this myViewBoard Classroom.
    • Click Change Photo to update your avatar.
  3. On the Language tab:
    • Select a default language for the myViewBoard Classroom UI. The default language is English.

All changes are automatically saved.