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The Math Input Panel is one of the tools available from the Magic Box. The Math Input Panel adds math formulas and equations onto the canvas.

Launching the Math Input Panel

To access this tool, perform the following:

  1. On the main toolbar, click the Magic Box icon.
  2. On the Magic Box toolbar, click the Tools icon.
  3. Double-click or drag the Math Input Panel icon from the list of icons.
  4. The tool is inserted on the canvas.


Math Input Panel.gif

Icon Name
MB Math Input Panel Write.png
Enables the pen to draw inside the provided field.
MB Math Input Panel Erase.png
Actives the eraser to delete your selected input.
MB Math Input Panel Select.png
Select and Correct
Select the drawings you want to correct, then choose from the drop down menu the right symbol.
MB Math Input Panel Clear.png
Clears the whole input panel.
MB Math Input Panel Undo.png
Undo your last input.
MB Math Input Panel Redo.png
Restores any actions that have been previously undone using an undo.
MB Math Input Panel Cancel.png
Closes the Math Input Panel window.
MB Math Input Panel Insert.png
Insert the input to the myViewBoard canvas.