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myViewBoard supports the following keyboard shortcuts.

If you click the Windows Toggle Button and enter "desktop mode", keyboard shortcuts in myViewBoard are disabled to avoid interfering with common Windows hotkeys.

myViewboard for Windows hotkeys

Keys Actions
P Pen
SPACE Lasso (Selector)
S Shape
T Text Editor
H Roaming (Hand)
E Eraser
Home Goto the first page
End Goto the last page
Page Down Goto the next page
Page Up Goto the previous page
ESC Cancel selected objects
CTRL+A Select all objects
CTRL+C Copy object
CTRL+D Duplicate object
CTRL+V Paste object
CTRL+X Cut object
CTRL+O Open File
CTRL+S Save File
CTRL+N New File
CTRL+P Print
CTRL+R Open the screen recorder
CTRL+DRAG Duplicate an object
CTRL+ Shift+D Duplicate page
CTRL+ Shift+N New page
F1 Help
F2 Open embeded browser
F11 Toggle whiteboard mode
F12 Toggle desktop mode
Del Delete object
/ / / Move object
CTRL+0 Open ScreenCapture submenu
CTRL+1 Open opendoc submenu
CTRL+2 Open magicbox submenu
CTRL+3 Roaming
CTRL+4 Lasso (Selector)
CTRL+5 Pen
CTRL+6 Eraser
CTRL+7 Shape
CTRL+8 Text Editor
CTRL+9 Page Manager

Embed browser hotkeys

Keys Actions
Ctrl+T New Tab
Ctrl+W /
Close Tab
Ctrl+L Move the cursor to the browser address bar and highlight everything in it
CTRL+M Minimize