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The Infinite Canvas tool allows the user to pan, zoom and move across the canvas. This allows users to create more space to write or add content on the canvas.


  1. To move around the canvas:
    • Click the Infinite Canvas tool, then drag the canvas to the desired location.
    • If another tool is active, click and drag the middle mouse wheel to move across the canvas.

  2. To adjust magnification of the the canvas:
    • On a touch-enabled device, use two fingers to zoom in/out of the canvas.
    • Using a mouse, use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out of the canvas. Zooming using the mouse wheel also works if the Infinite Canvas is not the active tool.

  3. Click the Infinite Canvas icon again to open the Infinite Canvas Overview window. This window displays the current zoom percentage, and gives an overview of the whole canvas.

Some items, like widgets, web pages and videos won’t zoom/shrink when using Infinite Canvas.

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