Eyes On Me

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When enabled, Eyes On Me places a text overlay over the canvas which prevents the student from interacting with the canvas. This aims to direct the student's attention back to the teacher.

The Eyes On Me feature is only available for myViewBoard's online version Whiteboard.


The myViewBoard host must be signed in to a myViewBoard account to use this feature.

As a prerequisite, the host must perform the following:

  1. Sign in to myViewBoard.com.
  2. Click Start myViewBoard.
  3. Invite students to the myViewBoard session.


  1. The host/teacher clicks the Eyes On Me icon on the Floating toolbar.
    Eyes On Me
    Displays text over the students screen to temporarily prevent interaction.

  2. Students who have joined the myViewBoard session will see the following on their screens:
  3. To change the text, click the gear icon on the top right and specify a new message.